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CNC Machining/CNC turning Injectionextrusion molding

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CNC Machining/CNC turning Injectionextrusion molding

Reporting and data analysis: CMM software provides comprehensive reporting and data analysis tools to help users evaluate measurement data, identify deviations, and generate inspection reports. These features make the Imperial Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine a versatile and reliable tool for dimensional inspection in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, precision manufacturing, etc.


    Imperial Zeiss CMM

    The Imperial Zeiss CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) is a precision measuring instrument for dimensional measurement and inspection in the field of metrology. It is manufactured by Zeiss, a well-known company known for producing high quality optical and precision instruments. The Imperial Zeiss coordinate measuring machine is designed to capture the coordinates of various points on an object using a contact probe or optical sensor. It uses the Cartesian coordinate system to measure the X, Y, and Z dimensions of objects, enabling accurate 3D measurements. The main functions of the REICHSZEISS coordinate measuring machine include: High precision: The machine is manufactured to strict quality standards to ensure accurate and repeatable measurements. Contact probes or optical sensors: The coordinate measuring machine can be equipped with different types of sensors according to the specific application requirements, thus achieving flexibility in measurement technology. Bridge or gantry design: The structure of a coordinate measuring machine may vary by model, and some are designed as bridge or gantry machines. This design provides stability and rigidity to maintain measurement accuracy. Software interface: Coordinate measuring machines are usually equipped with user-friendly software that allows the operator to control the machine, define measurement routines, and analyze measurement results. Automatic measurement functions: Imperial Zeiss coordinate measuring machines can provide automatic measurement options, including scanning and probing, to effectively measure complex geometry.